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P Range

A compact “monobloc” design provides a visually attractive, quality finished casing, produced from die-casting, in lightweight, aluminium alloy. Several alternative fixing options are provided each via 4 fixing holes, as well as, through 4 holes in integrally cast, small base-mounting bosses, on widely-spaced centers – for more stable mounting, to top or bottom thereby offering universal and exceptionally firm attachment facilities.

Bevel gears
The GLEASON spiral bevel gears, of case-hardened alloy steel, provide an advancing, simultaneous mesh across several adjacent teeth, thereby ensuring smooth, evenly distributed, high load transmission, which is enhanced by, bi-directional, “running-in”, in pairs.

Shafts are of case-hardened and ground alloy-steel. Exceptions are: both, the smallest casting sizes, types 2000 & 2002 and types 2012 & 2028, where shafts are all of hardened and temperated, low alloy-steel. All shafts are carried by generously sized, high quality, deep groove, ball bearings of established make.

Design speed & life
Optimum performance, at continuous full rated power transmission, is based on an input-shaft design-speed of 1.400 RPM. This provides an average, trouble-free, operating design-life of 10,000 hours. However, where “ratio geared” units are used as speed “increasers”, optimum performance “input” design-speed is reduced to 500 RPM for the 1 : 3 ratios and, to 750 RPM for the 1 : 2 ratios. For all the types 4-way and 3-way independent shaft with a gear ratio difference of 1 : 1, the input shaft is the shaft A (quickly), the shaft C (quickly) is the out shaft, the shafts B and D are slow.

Operating temperature
Due to the compact “monobloc” design, operating case-temperature should be kept within the permissible limit of -18º C to +80ºC (0ºF to 170ºF), to ensure trouble-free running.

Operating noise
Close tolerance gear cutting and high accuracy assembly ensures extremely low operating noise levels, even at high running speeds.

Alignment accuracy
Standard unit, final gear assembly, angular clearances are held to within 15’ – 30’ of arc.

All units are supplied fully charged with oil. The 2000 series is lubricated with synthetic oil. The lubrication is a life one, they do not need replenishments or changes for all the lifetime of the gear.