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The Neeter Drive gearbox is an ultra compact unit and is available in 5 sizes and 5 gear ratios. The design employs a central bearing housing support on the 1:1 and 1.5:1 gear ratios, and a small extended bearing housing on the input side of the gearboxes with ratios 2:1 and above and hollow shaft output. It is a high torque rated unit with good thermal characteristics. It is available in solid shaft and hollow output shaft configurations and has the option of a motor mounting flange, for easy direct coupling of a standard electric motor.

General Design Features


S.G. Iron to BS27789:1985, Grade 420/12.


All gears are made from alloy steel and case hardened.


Pinion (input) and gear shaft (output) are fitted with twin taper roller bearings to provide almost unchanged backlash over a long life.


All units are fitted with spring energized single lipped oil seals and all flanges are sealed by O-rings.


Lubrication is dependent upon the operating conditions, oil for higher speeds and semi fluid grease for medium and low speeds.

Note: All units are shipped dry from the factory and should be lubricated before use.

Service Life

Life of gears including mountings 10,000 hours.


Reduction ratio bevel gear units are approximately 95% - 98% efficient. Please consult Neeter Drive regarding increasing ratios.

Overhung loads

All units are rated for in-line connection. If a unit is to be fitted with a belt pulley, chain sprocket etc., radial forces must be considered. If in doubt please consult Neeter Drive.

Note: Where operating conditions deviate from those described above please consult Neeter Drive.