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E-Series ball screw jack

  • Capacity from 10 kN to 500 kN
  • Worm Gear Ratios from 5:1 to 32:1

The metric ball screw gives you a single-package, positive action linear actuator that can be driven by an electric, air or hydraulic motor. A ball-bearing type heat-treated screw and mating nut with rolling contact reduces friction to a bare minimum in converting torque to thrust. Overall operating efficiency is as high as 70% in some models, depending on the worm gear ratio.

Metric ball screw actuators are available as translating or rotating screws in either upright or inverted configurations. In the translating screw type, the ball nut is fixed to the gear and the lifting screw moves up and down through the nut. In the rotating screw type, the screw is fixed to the gear and the ball nut travels along the screw.

Depending on size and type of load, models are available with raises up to 3 metres. Raises up to 6 metres are available on request. Metric ball screw actuators may be used individually, in tandem or in multiple arrangements. Special models are available and there is no extra charge for single ended worm shafts extensions.